Text 12 Jun 1 note Days off to recharge the soul.

My work week is Wednesday-Sunday and having Monday and Tuesday off has made me appreciate the quiet parts of life even more.  I’ve fallen into a routine, Monday is cooking day, Tuesday is cleaning day.  I try to stay in bed late and have a good breakfast of whatever some coffee, and play online.  I make it to the gym when I make it to the gym, and I don’t worry about things for the work week.  I drink way too much coffee savoring each sip and spend the time at home in shorts and an undershirt because I love the way I look in it.  It doesn’t seem like much but it does really do wonders for hitting the week hard on Wednesday.  I’ve also scheduled my workouts so Wednesday is the first day of work, but it’s also my rest day.  So I start the week off knowing that I don’t have a WOD that day and I just need to get through the day and then come home.  Overall PA has been treating me pretty good now that there are other people in the house.  And while I’m still on the hunt for a few new friends, and maybe even a PA girlfriend I’m just chugging along.  

Yesterday was cook your heart out day, and I made food for the week:

-3 Chicken breasts

-2 Heads of Cauliflower Rice

-Crockpot Paleo Taco Meat

-Paleo Meatloaf

-Paleo Egg Cassarole

And leftover from last week two servings of Paleo Chili, and a meal worth of Cauliflower crust paleo pizza.

Below you see pictures from my day yesterday, also I bought a Mandoline Slicer and I must say that it was a great purchase didn’t know what I was missing.  I sliced up three yellow peppers, and four green peppers for the week.  Here’s my yellow peppers, thin cut rings for snacking goodness.

I’m looking forward to the rest of my day off and getting through this week of work.  Next week I’m headed to Richmond on my days off to see a ranger friend, expect fun pictures and stories from that.  Then Saturday the 23rd I’m seeing Phish as of right now it’s the only show I’m going to see on summer tour.  Lowest number of shows I’ve gone to in a while.  I’m really excited to see the shows and meet up with the Twibe.  Also this week started the next cycle of Outlaw, looking to get good numbers this cycle and close in on that 400lb backsquat, I’m currently at 375, and working toward the 500lb deadlift I wanted at 435lb.  

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