Text 17 Apr 2 notes Last week in Lincoln’s Hometown

This is it, my last week in Springfield.

It feels weird to say it but in just a few days I’ll be leaving town and starting on a new adventure.  In this last year my life has seen a huge amount of change.

-started the paleo diet

-started crossfit

-ran my own classroom

-Lost 125 pounds

-Graduated College

-Licensed to teach Social Studies 6-12 in Illinois

-Bought my first gown up car that cost more than $2000

-Made an amazing group of Crossfit Friends

-Competed in the open

-Did my first pull up, strict pull up, learned to do all sorts of crazy and fun strongman stuff

-Got two awards for my work as a Park Ranger

-Lost a job at a park due to budget, but found a new job at a new park.

-Worked for a short time at Starbucks.

-Spent New Years in NYC with some amazing people

And way too much other things to list. 

I’d like to thank all the great people that I’ve met here, and I hope that we will see eachother again soon.  I guess sometime soon I’ll have to change the name of this page into something that reflects what I’m doing now until then thanks for keeping up with me and I hope that you will use this to see how my journey continues in the rest of 2012 and beyond.

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