Text 11 Jan 29 notes Failure

Today I was a failure.

Well not really, but I did fail at hitting a back squat max that I have previously done.  Today I went in at the 4pm class to do the workout, today was a 1600M run for benchmark for the upcoming Paleo Challenge, since I haven’t run a mile since I was about 17 I didn’t expect much.  But I pulled it off in 9:22 and I must say I’m pretty happy with that.  Then came the fail, after spotting some of the others in the gym because I was the guy that was going to need about 100 pounds more than anyone else at that spot I took my place under the bar, and preceeded to lose it during a 365# squat.  A number that I have done before, but with the run, and the previous workouts this week I just couldn’t do.  So there you have it, I’m a failure, and you know what sometimes you just have to be okay with it.

Daily pictures:

Ready to take on the squat.I’m feeling confident here, I’ve already done this weight before.

Or not, failed this one.But hey I did get a new shirt, the new design came in at the box today, picked one up, it’s a Large, that’s right no X in the size at all.  Pretty proud to wear this size.Project for the night is slow cooking some chicken, this will be a base for a soup I’m making later this week.

Text 10 Jan 3 notes Time for another update

These pictures have already been put up on my facebook and twitter so if you follow me there you’ve had a chance to see these but I’m pretty proud of them myself.  Took these last night just wondering what the difference was from the last update and I must say that my body continues to reward me by rising to the challenges of the workouts.

Workout yesterday was brutal. Strength cycle was Wendler wk 1 5-5-5 of Deadlift at 240, 280, 315 and the first week of Juggernaut for bench at 5x10 at 140 pounds.  Then yesterday was the first benchmark WOD for the Paleo Challenge so it was Cindy 20 min AMRAMP of 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 airsquats.  As you could imagine trying to do pushups after just finishing 50 reps of bench press was difficult.  Comparing this to where I started out this is amazing it’s hard to believe that up to six months ago I looked like this.

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