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quick recap of the week and my last WODs at CrossFit Mokena.  Love those people and look forward to being there again soon.

Video 15 Jul 2 notes

A boy and his weekend…..

Back at my original box Capital City CrossFit with the boys and girls, pulling tractors and having a good time.  Cause what else do you do with a Saturday evening in Illinois?

Text 21 May New Name and New Theme, and ask away

To celebrate the move and the fact that I don’t live in Lincoln’s hometown anymore the blog has a new name.  To go along with it I gave it a new theme too. 

In other news getting into the swing of things with my normal schedule for the summer, Mondays and Tuesdays will be my days off.  I dedicated today to a few hours at the fitness center.  Best patron of the day was the guy in his acid wash cut off jeans and 1980s tank top.  The muscle bar mustache just put it over the top, wish I could’ve gotten picture proof that this man existed.  Today was another fun day of snatch, and other than dropping 115# bar on my head during snatch balances it was a pretty successful day.  Loving the response that I’m having to Outlaw, I can already tell that my body is adapting to the new challenges of large scale oly lifts and looking forward to seeing how I progress.  So far my PR squat snatch is 145# not that impressive I know but lets see where it is at the end of this cycle.  I’m hoping to make it down to Arlington to meet Rudy in person at some point this summer, so if you’re a DC area crossfiter I’d love to hear from you.  

To finish this up since I have a dish in the oven and I’m 20 mins away at Panera using internet thanks everyone for following my little page here and I hope you’re getting something out of this.  I’m going to Anon on for the night, feel free to ask away for the night, I’ll answer them from my phone this evening.

Text 19 Apr 1 note Last week almost over

This has been a great and yet sad week.  I’ve said goodbye to many people, done WODs at the box at various times and did some packing.  It has been a week where I’ve been able to let go of a lot of stress try to get some closure and even spend time with people that have been very special in my life.  I can honestly say that I’m ready for what comes next and that my memories of this week have been almost all positive.  In terms of working out it’s been a good week too.  I worked out with people that I haven’t been able to because of work in a while, spent time remembering what it’s been like for the last eight months and then I hit some new PRs.  A front squat of 275 has been the highlight in that area.   Tomorrow morning will be my last regular WOD with the amazing people at Capital City Crossfit and I can’t thank them enough for all the encouragement.  As to my friends here in town I love you all and can’t tell you how special you have been to me.  To the people that I got to spend some time with in person this week I hope that I was able to convey that to you.  And to those of you that we didn’t catch eachother I hope you know that I have been blessed by knowing you and that I hope to see you again sometime soon. 

Text 17 Apr 2 notes Last week in Lincoln’s Hometown

This is it, my last week in Springfield.

It feels weird to say it but in just a few days I’ll be leaving town and starting on a new adventure.  In this last year my life has seen a huge amount of change.

-started the paleo diet

-started crossfit

-ran my own classroom

-Lost 125 pounds

-Graduated College

-Licensed to teach Social Studies 6-12 in Illinois

-Bought my first gown up car that cost more than $2000

-Made an amazing group of Crossfit Friends

-Competed in the open

-Did my first pull up, strict pull up, learned to do all sorts of crazy and fun strongman stuff

-Got two awards for my work as a Park Ranger

-Lost a job at a park due to budget, but found a new job at a new park.

-Worked for a short time at Starbucks.

-Spent New Years in NYC with some amazing people

And way too much other things to list. 

I’d like to thank all the great people that I’ve met here, and I hope that we will see eachother again soon.  I guess sometime soon I’ll have to change the name of this page into something that reflects what I’m doing now until then thanks for keeping up with me and I hope that you will use this to see how my journey continues in the rest of 2012 and beyond.

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Photo 29 Jan 1 note Strongman Sunday Rx on Flickr.
Strongman Sunday Rx

Strongman Sunday Rx on Flickr.

Strongman Sunday Rx

Photo 27 Jan 2 notes February 4th at my box, Capital City CrossFit in Springfield, IL

February 4th at my box, Capital City CrossFit in Springfield, IL

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