Text 19 Jan 2 notes More days more applications

Another day on the hunt.  Found out that I did not make the interview stage for Grand Teton or the BLM jobs. Tomorrow I have an interview though, at the Starbucks down the street from my house. I love coffee and am looking forward to working again so I really hope that I get the job.  I managed to get just over 200g of protein today so it was better than yesterday and I stayed at just shy of 1800 calories.  I estimate that my resting requirements are about 2100, and I did a good workout today so I’d guess I ran a deficit of about 500-600 for the day.  Overall another good day, coffee with friends, Crossfit, productivity at home, and moving through more books on my Kindle.

Photos of the day:

Dinner and Breakfast, sorry no lunch picture.  But Paleo all the way.  Breakfast of two eggs, a ham steak and a bit of beef round steak a cup of coffee and some fish oil.  The water is the first half of my daily requirement.  Dinner of Top Sirloin and a salad mix on the bottom.  

WOD - 1K row, 75 pullups, everytime you drop from the bar do 5 box jumps 24”

Post workout hands, hard to tell but barely avoided a nasty rip.  Pummace stone purchased to avoid this.  I’m slowly learning, someday I’ll even own a foam roller.

Lastly my projects for the night, this poster is from UIC this summer, and around it are a collection of tickets from various show’s I’ve attended.  Next is the set of Parallettes I built tonight.  They’re a bit long but that’s because I used an old dip station for some of the pipe, I actually like them longer, I can move my hand placement more.

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