Photo 4 Sep Winding down from a long day #phish at my favorite venue #alpinevalley and reading my notes for the new unit I start with the kiddos tomorrow. #teacher #firstyear #nosleep

Winding down from a long day #phish at my favorite venue #alpinevalley and reading my notes for the new unit I start with the kiddos tomorrow. #teacher #firstyear #nosleep

Photo 30 Dec 1 note House lights up blue stage for night 3 of #yemsg #phish  (at Madison Square Garden)

House lights up blue stage for night 3 of #yemsg #phish (at Madison Square Garden)

Text 26 Jun 1 note Another week down

Another week down here in PA and it was rather uneventful yet again.  Seems like a theme these days.  Over the weekend though things got interesting.  Working at Johnstown there was a motorcycle rally in town so we had all sorts of bikes running around.  Made me think yet again it’s time for me to buy another one.  I’ll just put it on my list of things to buy when I have money again.  Also this weekend Phish played near Pittsburgh.  So I worked on Saturday, drove straight from work to the show, and then drove back so I could work my Sunday shift.  Let me just say that the show was amazing.  I really wish I could’ve done more shows but I’m responsible, and I guess responsible people don’t call in sick to work to drive to Cleveland to see another show the next day.  Let me just say, that I’m not on board with this whole growing up thing.  I want to be a bum for a while.  

On the workout front we’re back into another week of fun times.


Vertical Snatch off High Blocks 5x3

Snatch Pulls 5x3

Heaving Snatch Balance 5x3


GHD raises 4x8 45# plate

Turkish Get Ups 4x3 35# dumbell



Overhead Squats @95#

Toes to Bar

Overall a good day in the gym

Here’s photos from this week:

Waiting for the show to start.

And the crowd goes….

Bike patrol, 25 miles.

Not bad for just having coffee while at the store.  Buying food to batch for the week.

This is going right now, tomorrow it get’s roasted.

Text 12 Jun 1 note Days off to recharge the soul.

My work week is Wednesday-Sunday and having Monday and Tuesday off has made me appreciate the quiet parts of life even more.  I’ve fallen into a routine, Monday is cooking day, Tuesday is cleaning day.  I try to stay in bed late and have a good breakfast of whatever some coffee, and play online.  I make it to the gym when I make it to the gym, and I don’t worry about things for the work week.  I drink way too much coffee savoring each sip and spend the time at home in shorts and an undershirt because I love the way I look in it.  It doesn’t seem like much but it does really do wonders for hitting the week hard on Wednesday.  I’ve also scheduled my workouts so Wednesday is the first day of work, but it’s also my rest day.  So I start the week off knowing that I don’t have a WOD that day and I just need to get through the day and then come home.  Overall PA has been treating me pretty good now that there are other people in the house.  And while I’m still on the hunt for a few new friends, and maybe even a PA girlfriend I’m just chugging along.  

Yesterday was cook your heart out day, and I made food for the week:

-3 Chicken breasts

-2 Heads of Cauliflower Rice

-Crockpot Paleo Taco Meat

-Paleo Meatloaf

-Paleo Egg Cassarole

And leftover from last week two servings of Paleo Chili, and a meal worth of Cauliflower crust paleo pizza.

Below you see pictures from my day yesterday, also I bought a Mandoline Slicer and I must say that it was a great purchase didn’t know what I was missing.  I sliced up three yellow peppers, and four green peppers for the week.  Here’s my yellow peppers, thin cut rings for snacking goodness.

I’m looking forward to the rest of my day off and getting through this week of work.  Next week I’m headed to Richmond on my days off to see a ranger friend, expect fun pictures and stories from that.  Then Saturday the 23rd I’m seeing Phish as of right now it’s the only show I’m going to see on summer tour.  Lowest number of shows I’ve gone to in a while.  I’m really excited to see the shows and meet up with the Twibe.  Also this week started the next cycle of Outlaw, looking to get good numbers this cycle and close in on that 400lb backsquat, I’m currently at 375, and working toward the 500lb deadlift I wanted at 435lb.  

Text 19 Jan 2 notes More days more applications

Another day on the hunt.  Found out that I did not make the interview stage for Grand Teton or the BLM jobs. Tomorrow I have an interview though, at the Starbucks down the street from my house. I love coffee and am looking forward to working again so I really hope that I get the job.  I managed to get just over 200g of protein today so it was better than yesterday and I stayed at just shy of 1800 calories.  I estimate that my resting requirements are about 2100, and I did a good workout today so I’d guess I ran a deficit of about 500-600 for the day.  Overall another good day, coffee with friends, Crossfit, productivity at home, and moving through more books on my Kindle.

Photos of the day:

Dinner and Breakfast, sorry no lunch picture.  But Paleo all the way.  Breakfast of two eggs, a ham steak and a bit of beef round steak a cup of coffee and some fish oil.  The water is the first half of my daily requirement.  Dinner of Top Sirloin and a salad mix on the bottom.  

WOD - 1K row, 75 pullups, everytime you drop from the bar do 5 box jumps 24”

Post workout hands, hard to tell but barely avoided a nasty rip.  Pummace stone purchased to avoid this.  I’m slowly learning, someday I’ll even own a foam roller.

Lastly my projects for the night, this poster is from UIC this summer, and around it are a collection of tickets from various show’s I’ve attended.  Next is the set of Parallettes I built tonight.  They’re a bit long but that’s because I used an old dip station for some of the pipe, I actually like them longer, I can move my hand placement more.

Text 1 Jan Empire State of Mind

I’ve been in NYC for five days now, and only two more to go.  The last four days have been intense, four days, four Phish shows, one night at a hipster post party on the Lower East Side, lots of walking, one CrossFit workout, New Years visits to bars in Midtown at 3am, and a ride out of Manhattan to the Bronx to hang out with Alex and Craig for an extra day of fun.  This trip has been amazing, four shows that were a lot of fun, old friends crammed into a hotel room, along with some new friends from all over.  I also got the chance to walk around the city and explore and during the day I was able to experience New York by walking the streets.  This trip has been a great reward for all the hard work to finish school and graduate before I move on to whatever comes next.  Here’s some images from the last couple days.

Awesome times with awesome people, can’t wait for what 2012 has to hold considering how 2011 ended.

Photo 30 Dec 2 notes Phish night 2, view from the floor.

Phish night 2, view from the floor.

Photo 28 Dec 6 notes Carini during the 12/28/11 Phish show. 

Carini during the 12/28/11 Phish show. 

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