Photo 9 Feb 1 note Representing my #outlaw ways #crossfit #coffee #americano

Representing my #outlaw ways #crossfit #coffee #americano

Video 2 Nov 1 note
Video 2 Nov 2 notes

Box Jump time

Photo 9 Oct WOD for @outlawway done. Double unders still not my strong suit. #crossfit #outlaw #jumprope  (Taken with Instagram)

WOD for @outlawway done. Double unders still not my strong suit. #crossfit #outlaw #jumprope (Taken with Instagram)

Photo 2 Oct Results. #crossfit #outlaw #dontquit @outlawway (Taken with Instagram)

Results. #crossfit #outlaw #dontquit @outlawway (Taken with Instagram)

Photo 17 Jul Doesn’t everyone spend 2 1/2 hours of their day off doing outlaw?

Doesn’t everyone spend 2 1/2 hours of their day off doing outlaw?

Link 10 Jul 1 note Article on Outlaw and Rudy»

Great explanation of the evolution of the Outlaw Way.  Thanks again Rudy for all you do, I appreciate the great programming and the kick in the ass I get from you five days a week.

Video 29 Jun 2 notes

Today I hit a new PR in my workout for Outlaw.  Worked on the Split Jerk 10x1, started at my old best 175 and made it all the way up to 230.  Amazing jump and makes me realize how far I’ve come since being here and following Rudy’s programming. 

Text 26 Jun 1 note Another week down

Another week down here in PA and it was rather uneventful yet again.  Seems like a theme these days.  Over the weekend though things got interesting.  Working at Johnstown there was a motorcycle rally in town so we had all sorts of bikes running around.  Made me think yet again it’s time for me to buy another one.  I’ll just put it on my list of things to buy when I have money again.  Also this weekend Phish played near Pittsburgh.  So I worked on Saturday, drove straight from work to the show, and then drove back so I could work my Sunday shift.  Let me just say that the show was amazing.  I really wish I could’ve done more shows but I’m responsible, and I guess responsible people don’t call in sick to work to drive to Cleveland to see another show the next day.  Let me just say, that I’m not on board with this whole growing up thing.  I want to be a bum for a while.  

On the workout front we’re back into another week of fun times.


Vertical Snatch off High Blocks 5x3

Snatch Pulls 5x3

Heaving Snatch Balance 5x3


GHD raises 4x8 45# plate

Turkish Get Ups 4x3 35# dumbell



Overhead Squats @95#

Toes to Bar

Overall a good day in the gym

Here’s photos from this week:

Waiting for the show to start.

And the crowd goes….

Bike patrol, 25 miles.

Not bad for just having coffee while at the store.  Buying food to batch for the week.

This is going right now, tomorrow it get’s roasted.

Text 21 Jun 1 note Prepared to be famous

I just checked the site for my programming, and I’m mentioned on it.  If you’re coming here from that site let me just say that I was really lucky to get to meet up with the crew at the box, and that having it said that I knew what I was doing was one of the best things that could have imagined being said about me after I left.  Here’s the post: 12/06/21 

I’d just like to say to everyone that this program will give you crazy skills, and maybe get you kicked out of your gym.  That being said, 6 weeks in and I’ve put up a 70lb increase in my clean and jerk, as well as a huge gain in my snatch max.  It will also get you weird looks, grumbling from other people at your gym, and maybe even complaints against you and your “crazy lifts” or maybe they’ll just leave the room.

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