Text 25 Jan 8 notes Day off, and new clothes

No work today, but I start with a full day of training tomorrow.  Today was a day for me, I rested, read a book, and worked out of course.  Then I picked up new clothes for work.

Today’s workout:


15 weighted walking plate lunges - 45 lbs

10 Chest to Bar pullups - used a band

Was a good workout, came home and had a big steak for dinner, and then picked up things for work.  Here’s some update pictures.  

Elevated plank, one of my two that I did after the workout. Normal plank 1:31, Elevated 1:02

Dinner - Steak, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, and salad mix

Update pictures, thumbs up for my wearing the large shirt and looking awesome

Yes that’s really how my arms sit when relaxed now.

From the back, arms relaxed again but still sticking out to the sides

And the new work stuff, Large slim cut polo and 34/34 pants.  More progress and another crazy face.  Why can’t I take a picture with a normal face, I have no idea.

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