Text 14 Jan 4 notes Ok now to find a job and move to Oregon

I have found the most awesome place for me to live, now I need a job and other things to make it a reality.  I love Tiny Houses, and this one is on almost 2 acres and looks pretty sweet.  Now to go and start a kickstarter to afford it.  


Awesome House

Text 10 May Settling in

It’s been less than a week but I think I’m settling in. I’ve been doing WODs at home thanks to wodshop.org and today I may have found a gym. Its a bodybuilding place but they have bumpers, don’t care about me doing oly lifts and there’s 10k pounds of free weights. Only issues I have are that there’s mirrors everywhere and no rower. Guess its bring on the SDHP for a while. Talking to the owner about membership tomorrow. Today while there I did my strength and followed it up with the following.

5rds 60 sec rest between
3 min AMRAMP
3 power cleans (155)
6 pushups
9 knees to elbows

3, 2+3+6+2, 2+3+6, 1+3+6+6, 1+3+6+8, 1+3+6

Knees to elbows continues to escape me. One day ill figure out how to kill the swing and do them faster.

Thanks to instagram I’ve been uploading tons of pictures of ranger life. I hope you like them I’ll try to put up more of the other park I’m at tomorrow.

Text 19 Apr 1 note Last week almost over

This has been a great and yet sad week.  I’ve said goodbye to many people, done WODs at the box at various times and did some packing.  It has been a week where I’ve been able to let go of a lot of stress try to get some closure and even spend time with people that have been very special in my life.  I can honestly say that I’m ready for what comes next and that my memories of this week have been almost all positive.  In terms of working out it’s been a good week too.  I worked out with people that I haven’t been able to because of work in a while, spent time remembering what it’s been like for the last eight months and then I hit some new PRs.  A front squat of 275 has been the highlight in that area.   Tomorrow morning will be my last regular WOD with the amazing people at Capital City Crossfit and I can’t thank them enough for all the encouragement.  As to my friends here in town I love you all and can’t tell you how special you have been to me.  To the people that I got to spend some time with in person this week I hope that I was able to convey that to you.  And to those of you that we didn’t catch eachother I hope you know that I have been blessed by knowing you and that I hope to see you again sometime soon. 

Text 17 Apr 2 notes Last week in Lincoln’s Hometown

This is it, my last week in Springfield.

It feels weird to say it but in just a few days I’ll be leaving town and starting on a new adventure.  In this last year my life has seen a huge amount of change.

-started the paleo diet

-started crossfit

-ran my own classroom

-Lost 125 pounds

-Graduated College

-Licensed to teach Social Studies 6-12 in Illinois

-Bought my first gown up car that cost more than $2000

-Made an amazing group of Crossfit Friends

-Competed in the open

-Did my first pull up, strict pull up, learned to do all sorts of crazy and fun strongman stuff

-Got two awards for my work as a Park Ranger

-Lost a job at a park due to budget, but found a new job at a new park.

-Worked for a short time at Starbucks.

-Spent New Years in NYC with some amazing people

And way too much other things to list. 

I’d like to thank all the great people that I’ve met here, and I hope that we will see eachother again soon.  I guess sometime soon I’ll have to change the name of this page into something that reflects what I’m doing now until then thanks for keeping up with me and I hope that you will use this to see how my journey continues in the rest of 2012 and beyond.

Text 19 Mar Leaving Lincoln’s Hometown

You heard me right in one month I will no longer be living in Springfield.  I have accepted a job at a new park and I’ll be moving to Pennsylvania.  This brings many awesome things and some scary ones.  Before I leave I need to do lots of things including buying a new car, I’m looking at this one later this week: 

Hoping to reach an agreement and bring it home. It will be a big step up from my current truck which has been a trooper but at 262,000 miles it’s time to move on.  Next on my list of challenges is going to be working out this summer.  The nearest box is 45 miles away so needless to say I won’t be making that journey very often, instead I’m looking to go to the YMCA for the summer and do crossfit WODs at home too.  So I’ll be putting together quite the assortment of equipment I’m sure.  Already on the hunt for a good Kettlebell, a jumprope, abmat, and I’ll make a medicine ball.  I already have Parallettes and I’m going to build a box or two as well.  Hoping that this will keep me in shape over the summer in the tiny town of 1000 people that I’ll be living in till September.  

This is going to be one interesting summer, new job, new state, and maybe a new car.  Then there’s always Korea hanging over my head.

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