Text 28 Jan First week at work

Good first week, I started the new job and it’s giving me a sense of purpose.  Going along with that it was a good week of crossfit and I had some fun even with some pretty rough WODs.  There are really only two issues that I can think of for this week.  First is that Dad is still struggling with the infection in his hand.  He had to go back into the hospital to have his hand opened up again so that they can try and get the infection out.  The second is that because of all the work I’ve been doing my training has required me to task a lot of the drinks I’ve been making.  Most of it was one sip each but you make enough of those drinks in a day and it adds up.  I hope that as I get further along I won’t have as many issues with staying paleo at work.  Here’s some pictures from this week.

Post workout face, and yes I did bring out Beast Mode for that WOD

broke my parallettes so I had to build new ones.

New shake recipe, One banana, five strawberries, 1/2 cup Coconut Milk and ice. Delicious.

Text 25 Jan 8 notes Day off, and new clothes

No work today, but I start with a full day of training tomorrow.  Today was a day for me, I rested, read a book, and worked out of course.  Then I picked up new clothes for work.

Today’s workout:


15 weighted walking plate lunges - 45 lbs

10 Chest to Bar pullups - used a band

Was a good workout, came home and had a big steak for dinner, and then picked up things for work.  Here’s some update pictures.  

Elevated plank, one of my two that I did after the workout. Normal plank 1:31, Elevated 1:02

Dinner - Steak, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, and salad mix

Update pictures, thumbs up for my wearing the large shirt and looking awesome

Yes that’s really how my arms sit when relaxed now.

From the back, arms relaxed again but still sticking out to the sides

And the new work stuff, Large slim cut polo and 34/34 pants.  More progress and another crazy face.  Why can’t I take a picture with a normal face, I have no idea.

Text 7 Jan 27 notes It’s official

Earlier this week it became official I have now lost my 100 pounds that started out as my goal.  In the past six months I have gone from an out of shape guy of 340 pounds to the person today, 235 pounds in much better shape and feeling much healthier than I have ever been.  Now I’ve had to make a new goal, to get down to 215 pounds and maintain that weight.  This year I will be focusing on meeting my CrossFit goals that I’ve listed here, but also further developing my paleo lifestyle, and doing some competitions.  This spring I’ll be participating in the spring season of the MCFC, possibly the CrossFit Open, and running a Warrior Dash with my box.  This spring should be awesome, and I have a new look to go with it. New Look

Text 23 Dec 7 notes Job Hunt

In the past few weeks I have applied for jobs at over 50 different parks.  While it will be a few weeks before a I hear back from all of them here’s the list of where I have made it to the interview stage so far:

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace 

Fort Donelson National Battlefield

Ocmulgee National Monument

Cape Hatteras National

I’m really excited about these sites and also to hear about some of the others that I applied for I already know I didn’t make it to the interview for one of the jobs at Kenai Fords and the jobs at Dinosaur National Monument.

For now here’s a picture from my last day working at the Lincoln Home National Historic Site

Last Day

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