Photo 28 Jun 1 note What I do with my nights. Teaching applications. Looking in #texas #illinois #indiana #tennessee

What I do with my nights. Teaching applications. Looking in #texas #illinois #indiana #tennessee

Text 21 May New Name and New Theme, and ask away

To celebrate the move and the fact that I don’t live in Lincoln’s hometown anymore the blog has a new name.  To go along with it I gave it a new theme too. 

In other news getting into the swing of things with my normal schedule for the summer, Mondays and Tuesdays will be my days off.  I dedicated today to a few hours at the fitness center.  Best patron of the day was the guy in his acid wash cut off jeans and 1980s tank top.  The muscle bar mustache just put it over the top, wish I could’ve gotten picture proof that this man existed.  Today was another fun day of snatch, and other than dropping 115# bar on my head during snatch balances it was a pretty successful day.  Loving the response that I’m having to Outlaw, I can already tell that my body is adapting to the new challenges of large scale oly lifts and looking forward to seeing how I progress.  So far my PR squat snatch is 145# not that impressive I know but lets see where it is at the end of this cycle.  I’m hoping to make it down to Arlington to meet Rudy in person at some point this summer, so if you’re a DC area crossfiter I’d love to hear from you.  

To finish this up since I have a dish in the oven and I’m 20 mins away at Panera using internet thanks everyone for following my little page here and I hope you’re getting something out of this.  I’m going to Anon on for the night, feel free to ask away for the night, I’ll answer them from my phone this evening.

Text 23 Dec 7 notes Job Hunt

In the past few weeks I have applied for jobs at over 50 different parks.  While it will be a few weeks before a I hear back from all of them here’s the list of where I have made it to the interview stage so far:

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace 

Fort Donelson National Battlefield

Ocmulgee National Monument

Cape Hatteras National

I’m really excited about these sites and also to hear about some of the others that I applied for I already know I didn’t make it to the interview for one of the jobs at Kenai Fords and the jobs at Dinosaur National Monument.

For now here’s a picture from my last day working at the Lincoln Home National Historic Site

Last Day

Text 22 Dec 9 notes Rest

Thursday is usually my rest day, but with my departure to Chicago to see the family I needed to at least get my squat max done today.  So instead of a day of stretching and recovery I decided to do some squats and then do a serious GHD workout.  With the coming of Christmas on Sunday I wanted to show my festive nature and came in with a pair of snowman socks.


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