Text 11 Jan 29 notes Failure

Today I was a failure.

Well not really, but I did fail at hitting a back squat max that I have previously done.  Today I went in at the 4pm class to do the workout, today was a 1600M run for benchmark for the upcoming Paleo Challenge, since I haven’t run a mile since I was about 17 I didn’t expect much.  But I pulled it off in 9:22 and I must say I’m pretty happy with that.  Then came the fail, after spotting some of the others in the gym because I was the guy that was going to need about 100 pounds more than anyone else at that spot I took my place under the bar, and preceeded to lose it during a 365# squat.  A number that I have done before, but with the run, and the previous workouts this week I just couldn’t do.  So there you have it, I’m a failure, and you know what sometimes you just have to be okay with it.

Daily pictures:

Ready to take on the squat.I’m feeling confident here, I’ve already done this weight before.

Or not, failed this one.But hey I did get a new shirt, the new design came in at the box today, picked one up, it’s a Large, that’s right no X in the size at all.  Pretty proud to wear this size.Project for the night is slow cooking some chicken, this will be a base for a soup I’m making later this week.

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