Text 16 Nov 1 note Home packing and bored

I’m feeling especially honest tonight, ask questions, make funny comments, and/or generally entertain me on my last nights in PA.

Text 23 Oct TMI Tuesday

Well there’s a couple hours left and I’m bored, ask whatever.

Text 10 Sep Tuesday again

Well I’m going to do TMI Tuesday again and see what happens.  I’ve had a lot going on in my life these past few weeks, feel free to ask away. Anon is on of course.

Text 7 Aug It’s Tuesday time to check the mailbox

TMI Tuesday questions, nope.  Well I should be happy it’s not full of creepy questions at least.  

Text 31 Jul TMI Tuesday

Has been very boring tonight, not a single message.

Text 30 Jul Days off

Today and tomorrow are my weekend, so I’m going to run errands, lift heavy, and do some excellent cooking.  I’m also going to answer all questions that come in, so I’m starting TMI Tuesday early so go ahead kiddos.

Text 27 Jul Ask away

Alright kiddos, I’m watching the opening ceremonies and blogging, ask away.

Text 23 Jul TMI

Doing TMI Tuesday again, I’ll be at Cedar Point riding rollercoasters all day, let’s see what shows up in my inbox

Text 17 Jul 1 note TMI

90 minutes left in TMI Tuesday and my experience has been blah. Internets you have let me down.

Text 17 Jul Tuesday

So far TMI Tuesday has been pretty uneventful.  Maybe I shouldn’t speak too soon but I have yet to be really disturbed by anything I’ve gotten in my inbox.  Who would’ve thought, the internet hasn’t lived up to my worst fears today.

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