Text 7 Sep 3 notes Before I head back to the midwest

I want to do the following:

-Drive to Niagra Falls (5hrs each way)

-Go back to DC for a tourist day

-Workout at Outlaw again

-Visit NYC and see the city in the fall

-Compete in the beard competition

-Workout at Crossfit Iron City again

-See State College, PA

-Attend a Pittsburgh Paleo meetup

-See the Atlantic Ocean/maybe get in it

I’m sure there’s more but I can’t think of any right now. Who wants to come with, or help me do some of this stuff, I need places to crash, and people to show me around.

Text 12 Jun 1 note Days off to recharge the soul.

My work week is Wednesday-Sunday and having Monday and Tuesday off has made me appreciate the quiet parts of life even more.  I’ve fallen into a routine, Monday is cooking day, Tuesday is cleaning day.  I try to stay in bed late and have a good breakfast of whatever some coffee, and play online.  I make it to the gym when I make it to the gym, and I don’t worry about things for the work week.  I drink way too much coffee savoring each sip and spend the time at home in shorts and an undershirt because I love the way I look in it.  It doesn’t seem like much but it does really do wonders for hitting the week hard on Wednesday.  I’ve also scheduled my workouts so Wednesday is the first day of work, but it’s also my rest day.  So I start the week off knowing that I don’t have a WOD that day and I just need to get through the day and then come home.  Overall PA has been treating me pretty good now that there are other people in the house.  And while I’m still on the hunt for a few new friends, and maybe even a PA girlfriend I’m just chugging along.  

Yesterday was cook your heart out day, and I made food for the week:

-3 Chicken breasts

-2 Heads of Cauliflower Rice

-Crockpot Paleo Taco Meat

-Paleo Meatloaf

-Paleo Egg Cassarole

And leftover from last week two servings of Paleo Chili, and a meal worth of Cauliflower crust paleo pizza.

Below you see pictures from my day yesterday, also I bought a Mandoline Slicer and I must say that it was a great purchase didn’t know what I was missing.  I sliced up three yellow peppers, and four green peppers for the week.  Here’s my yellow peppers, thin cut rings for snacking goodness.

I’m looking forward to the rest of my day off and getting through this week of work.  Next week I’m headed to Richmond on my days off to see a ranger friend, expect fun pictures and stories from that.  Then Saturday the 23rd I’m seeing Phish as of right now it’s the only show I’m going to see on summer tour.  Lowest number of shows I’ve gone to in a while.  I’m really excited to see the shows and meet up with the Twibe.  Also this week started the next cycle of Outlaw, looking to get good numbers this cycle and close in on that 400lb backsquat, I’m currently at 375, and working toward the 500lb deadlift I wanted at 435lb.  

Text 22 May 3 notes Late night adventures

So far I have lived in Ranger housing for two weeks, and I’ve set an alarm off 3 times.  First time wasn’t my fault, they didn’t disarm the house before I went to move in, and didn’t have someone come with me that had a code.  So I won’t take any blame for that, I will however own up to the other two.

First fire alarm: Days in house 2

Culprit: Bacon and walking away to brush my teeth.

First morning of work, start bacon, get it going and walk away to brush teeth and get my stuff so I can walk out the door right after breakfast.  New stove, and cookware means that it was set higher than it should have and fire alarm goes off.  Still no code to disarm, security company calls and I’ve got nothing for them.  Luckily maintence was in the building working and they shut if off.  Not a good start.

Second Fire Alarm: Days in house 14

Culprit: Oven self cleaning cycle

Lesson learned: don’t clean the freaking oven, or at least don’t use the self cleaning cycle ever again.  Day off work, being the responsible person I am take this as a day to get stuff done.  I read, workout, do my batching for the week and clean the house.  Realize about 9 that the oven is kind dirty from a couple weeks of making large amounts of Paleo awesomeness I figure hey I’ll run the cleaning cycle while I watch Eureka.  Bad idea, 20 mins in the alarm is going off and my code still doesn’t work.  Call the Chief Ranger, embarassed again, and explain over voicemail that I wasn’t trying to burn the house down.  Feel dumb for rest of night, miss 2/3 of episode of Eureka.  

Not exactly the best start to my week but hey, technically tomorrow is my Monday so maybe it’s the end of my week.  Things coming up this week that are awesome:

First school bus group, actually 2, 120 school kids that are getting a tour of the Dam.

Second, Log Hewing training on Friday, dress up in reproduction clothes and swing a big axe, who wouldn’t want to do this.

Followed by even bigger news, I’m going to be trained to fire weapons for demonstrations in the park.  That’s right your favorite Ranger will be sporting Mexican American War uniforms and firing weapons from the 1840s.  This is easily the best news I’ve heard since I was offered the job.  



Snatch 5x2 115

Snatch Pulls 3x3 190

Heaving Snatch Balance 3x3 95, failed my first attempt at 115 and it landed on my head, good thing it’s so hard

Had strength and conditioning too

12 min AMRAMP

7 strict pullups

14 pistols

21 GHD situps


Leg Curls

Reverse hypers


Clean and Jerk 5x2 155


Back Squat

1x8 225

1x8 240

1x5 275

1x5 295

Felt really good


Big Chief

3 Power Cleans 165

6 Hand Release Push Ups

9 Air Squats

5 rds of 3 minute AMRAMP

8 rds 9 cleans, 14 pushups

Text 21 May New Name and New Theme, and ask away

To celebrate the move and the fact that I don’t live in Lincoln’s hometown anymore the blog has a new name.  To go along with it I gave it a new theme too. 

In other news getting into the swing of things with my normal schedule for the summer, Mondays and Tuesdays will be my days off.  I dedicated today to a few hours at the fitness center.  Best patron of the day was the guy in his acid wash cut off jeans and 1980s tank top.  The muscle bar mustache just put it over the top, wish I could’ve gotten picture proof that this man existed.  Today was another fun day of snatch, and other than dropping 115# bar on my head during snatch balances it was a pretty successful day.  Loving the response that I’m having to Outlaw, I can already tell that my body is adapting to the new challenges of large scale oly lifts and looking forward to seeing how I progress.  So far my PR squat snatch is 145# not that impressive I know but lets see where it is at the end of this cycle.  I’m hoping to make it down to Arlington to meet Rudy in person at some point this summer, so if you’re a DC area crossfiter I’d love to hear from you.  

To finish this up since I have a dish in the oven and I’m 20 mins away at Panera using internet thanks everyone for following my little page here and I hope you’re getting something out of this.  I’m going to Anon on for the night, feel free to ask away for the night, I’ll answer them from my phone this evening.

Text 10 May Settling in

It’s been less than a week but I think I’m settling in. I’ve been doing WODs at home thanks to wodshop.org and today I may have found a gym. Its a bodybuilding place but they have bumpers, don’t care about me doing oly lifts and there’s 10k pounds of free weights. Only issues I have are that there’s mirrors everywhere and no rower. Guess its bring on the SDHP for a while. Talking to the owner about membership tomorrow. Today while there I did my strength and followed it up with the following.

5rds 60 sec rest between
3 min AMRAMP
3 power cleans (155)
6 pushups
9 knees to elbows

3, 2+3+6+2, 2+3+6, 1+3+6+6, 1+3+6+8, 1+3+6

Knees to elbows continues to escape me. One day ill figure out how to kill the swing and do them faster.

Thanks to instagram I’ve been uploading tons of pictures of ranger life. I hope you like them I’ll try to put up more of the other park I’m at tomorrow.

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